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Brenda Whyland CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula


Supporting Women and Families through
Pregnancy and Birth
You are pregnant and looking for a doula!




Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy function for a woman. But a lot of women go into their births with lingering doubts about their body's abilities and wonder how they will handle it.


With my birth doula services and support I will help you learn to trust, understand and encourage your body to do the job it was meant to do.

 I know how overwhelming being pregnant is and all the decisions that need to be made at this time. Hiring a birth doula can alleviate a lot of the pressure that comes along with these decisions. Some of my clients have said that once they have hired me as their birth doula they felt the whole world had been lifted off their shoulders. I am so glad that I can provide the support and relieve the pressures that families have during this very special time of thier lives with my services.


In 2004 I became a Certified Birth Doula to help and support families throughout their pregnancy, birth and early postpartum time with their babies.

Before then I began my first life's journey as an Obstetrical technician in an area hospital learning about the health and well being of others, mainly mothers, babies and families. The knowledge and experience I gained through this job can't be found anywhere in a textbook. I witnessed lots of beautiful, empowering births but I also saw many more that were complicated, rushed and outcomes that could have been different with the help of a doula. I saw first-hand how families during this time were vulnerable and in need of guidance. I found that every woman's births was unique and different!


This prompted me to learn more about becoming a birth doula.


So in 2004 I became a Certified Birth Doula.  A doula is...A calm, nuturing and knowledgeable person who stays with you throughout labor, not having to leave your side, and someone who trusts birth and knows how to calm you and keep you going. A doula is an educator as well as a student, therefore my learning never ends. The experiences I have acquired over the years supporting new families and raising my own daughters and grandchildren is invaluable. 


Because of being trained and worked as an Obstetrical technician, I have more training than the average doula.  I am able to bring my extensive knowledge of birth into my experience as a doula to help guide you throughout the birth of your choice.






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